10/08/2014 -- Super Typhoon "VONGFONG" Heading towards Japan -- Now @ Category 5

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By: Karen222 (Send A Message) 825 days ago
Amazing video! It is frightful enough only to watch video on how
typhoon is heading towards some land, I could only imagine how it
feels when the whirlwind is going to ruin your home. I'd probably
complete custom essay for a school project using this video.
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Video Description:
All links to sites shown in the video are below./n_____/nThe projected path for Super Typhoon Vongfong puts the storm on a direct collision course with South Japan./nCurrently VONGFONG is a Category 5 typhoon, the strongest storm of the year (so far). /nThis storm is on par with last years Super Typhoon Haiyan, which destroyed a large portion of the Philippines. Topping out at sustained winds near 150mph, gusts nearing 190mph./nLuckily, most projected paths of this storm show a weakening down to Category 2 / Category 1 as the system presses North to Japan./n_____/nIf you like my work , here is a Secure link to donate ... trying to grow my operation, and online presence!!/n links below:/nMIMIC TPW:/n tropical storm tracks:/n's VONGFONG floater page:/n weather monitoring links here:/n

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